The Rule of Law

The rule of law is the principle defining that no one is above the law. We support the principle that is intended to safeguard both dictatorships and anarchy. Our business is driven by the same vision and we focus on advancing the rule of law so we can contribute to building a peaceful and prosperous society.

For any rule of law to be effective, there must be equality under the law, transparency of the law, an independent judiciary, and access to legal remedies. However, about 57% of the world’s population lives outside the shelter of the law which means close to five billion people are struggling for basic, human rights on a daily basis.

Our Mission

We are committed to the mission of advancing the rule of law around the world. Combining our amazing content, technology, and expertise, we value the opportunity that we’ve got to shape a more just world for ourselves, our customers, our communities, and the people around us. We understand the responsibility of giving back to society and hence our motto of building peace and prosperity in society remains at the center of what we do.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to advance the rule of law around the world. Publishing laws and enabling access to justice is at our core. Each time we document a case, release a decision tool or support the development of a legal infrastructure, we’re working to expand the umbrella protection of the rule of law.

Our Foundation

LexisNexis® Rule of Law Foundation is the not-for-profit entity established by LexisNexis Legal & Professional to further activate its mission to advance the rule of law around the world. It is committed to solving problems related to transparency, access to legal remedy, equal treatment under the law and independent judiciaries using core skills and partnerships to further the rule of law.

Our Customers

Work in the rule of law is in collaboration with customers in legal, corporate, government, accounting, tax and academic institutions in more than 175 countries, which rely on us to deliver improved outcomes by helping them make better decisions, achieve better results and be more productive.

Advancing Every Day

All our energies, people, processes, vision, customer interactions, and day-to-day business operations are synced with a common goal of advancing the rule of law around the world. We are committed to actively advancing the rule of law through our daily operations, and ensure it happens without fail.

Using Information & Technology

Learn more about how we’re using information, technology, and data analytics to support the rule of law.

Building Awareness

Find out how we are empowering a global dialogue about the rule of law and providing education and training.

Engaging in Strategic Partnerships

See more about our collaborative partnerships with customers, governments, non-profits, and intergovernmental organizations.

Rule of Law Equation

The rule of law is the foundation for the development of peaceful, equitable and prosperous societies. We believe there are four key areas that form the umbrella protection of the rule of law.

Equality Under the Law


Transparency of Law


Independent Judiciary


Accessible Legal Remedy

= The Rule of Law

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