Lawyer, as a profession can be highly rewarding and highly demanding at the same time. It comes with a huge responsibility of abiding by the rule of law principle for which lawyers need to stay updated as per the latest laws and bare acts. This is where the need for getting latest books, resources and related documents from an authentic source becomes a critical part of any lawyer’s journey. We at Lexis Nexis e-Store offer a wide range of law books, criminal law books, direct tax books, labor law books, books on insurance law, and more than 65 billion documents can be relevant to your continuous upskilling.

Check out our wide range of titles and be sure of getting access to the finest legal books while being in the comfort of your homes.


Comprises over 350 leading Commentary titles by renowned authors in focused practice areas like Civil and Criminal Laws, Family Laws, Constitution and Administrative Laws, Corporate Laws, Intellectual Property Laws, Banking Laws, Mercantile Laws, Tax Laws and Alternate Dispute Resolutions. Some well-known titles include:

  • D D Basu Commentary on the Constitution of India
  • Chaturvedi & Pithisaria Income Tax Law
  • G P Singh Principles of Statutory Interpretation
  • Halsbury’s Laws of India
  • Kailasam Law of Trademarks & Geographical Indications
  • Kanga & Palkhivala The Law and Practice of Income Tax
  • Kusum & Poonam Pradhan Saxena Family Law
  • M L Tannan Banking Law & Practice in India
  • M P Jain Indian Constitutional Law
  • Mulla Principles of Mahomedan Law
  • Mulla Hindu Law
  • Pollock & Mulla The Indian Contract Act
  • A Ramaiya Guide To The Companies Act
  • Ratanlal & Dhirajlal The Law of Torts
  • Ratanlal & Dhirajlal Criminal Laws Series
  • V K Ahuja Intellectual Property Rights In India
  • Sarkar Civil Court Practice and Procedure Manual

Bare Acts

Bare Acts from Universal Law Publishing & other State Legislations. The legislations are updated on a regular basis.

Law Journals

The oldest & most acknowledged law journals of India- Madras Law Journal - Civil (1897 through current), Madras Law Journal - Criminal (1957 through current) & Labour Law Journal (1949 through current)

Leading International Coverage

LexisNexis offers a wide range of Major Works from major global jurisdictions, including the UK, US, Australia, etc. These world-renowned books include

  • Halsbury's Laws of England
  • Halsbury's Statutes of England and Wales
  • All England Law Reports
  • Chisum on Patents
  • Nimmer on Copyright
  • Atkin's Court Forms
  • Encyclopedia of Forms and Precedents
  • Butterworths Company Law Cases
  • Butterworths Medico-Legal Reports
  • Law Reports of the Commonwealth
  • Paterson's Licensing Acts
  • International Oil and Gas Law Reports
These Major Works help you stay up to date with the latest legal developments and proceedings worldwide. Some, including the All England Law Reports, are available as Indian reprints.
* International print titles are available on demand
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