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Global Information & Analytics Company

We are India’s largest online network for legal products and help professionals and businesses make better, informed decisions. We own more than 65 billion documents that record from more than 45000 legal, news and business sources. Our comprehensive legal information (books, documents, and resources) size is close to 3 petabytes which is almost 150 times the size of Wikipedia and becomes double almost every third year. Our combination of content, analytics, and technology makes us one-of-its-kind service providers in India. From CRPC bare acts to income tax practice books, intellectual property rights books, and environmental law books, we have it all.

Transforming the Way Our Customers Work

We focus on delivering state-of-the-art resources combined with the latest tools and technology for better decision-making and developing effective strategies–beneficial for individuals or law firms. Along with access to our global legal database, we also give our customers the power of using the latest technology–machine learning, natural language processing, visualization, and artificial intelligence.

Shaping a More Just World

We are committed to the mission of advancing the rule of law around the world. Combining our amazing content (all the latest legal research, documents, online legal books, etc.), technology, and expertise, we value the opportunity that we’ve got to shape a more just world for ourselves, our customers, our communities, and the people around us. We understand the responsibility of giving back to society and hence our motto of building peace and prosperity in society remains at the center of what we do.

A Division of RELX

We are a division of RELX Group, along with Elsevier, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, and Reed Exhibitions. Globally, we have more than 10000 employees working across 170+ countries, making us the largest player in the industry. Also, our network together contains more than 65 billion documents that record from more than 45000 legal, news and business sources. This makes us one of the most convenient options for lawyers and law firms to find all updated titles, bare acts, or the latest books on property law, law guidebooks, or any other subject.

LexisNexis Legal & Professional Fast Facts



We have more than 1500 technologists with advanced technology skills working in our local innovation centers around the world.


Global Content

Our global content collection contains roughly 2.5 petabytes of data, 150x the size of Wikipedia.


Documents and Records

Our global legal and news database contains 139 billion documents and records with 1.9 million new legal documents being added daily.


Premium Resources

Nexis news and business content include over 39,000 premium sources in 37 languages, covering more than 180 countries. It has data including 400 million company profiles and a content archive dating back 40 years.


Dockets & Documents

LexisNexis content includes more than 273 million court dockets and documents, over 148 million patent documents, 3.26 million State Trial Orders, and 1.37 million jury verdicts and settlement documents.


Patent Documents

Patent Sight includes objective ratings of the innovative strength (Patent Asset Index) of more than 135 million patent documents from more than 100 countries.


News Articles

In 2021, Law360 produced over 50,000 news and analysis articles. Legal analytics tool Lex Machina has normalized over 88 million counsel mentions and over 47 million party mentions since 2016.

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