LexisNexis® Regulatory Compliance is your one-stop destination for all kinds of compliance related support and legal compliances tools that you need. We provide a cost-effective solution that includes all important modules covering corporate law in India, legal alerting solutions and state-of-the-art compliance tools that are embedded with clear, practical, plain English interpretations of all your legal obligations.

Our experts help you to interpret all the relevant regulatory materials, so you don’t have to go haywire in search of latest materials and suggestions–saving your costs and time. The in-house corporate compliance research team and a powerful combination of content and technology gives you all the tools needed to empower your compliance obligations.


Salient Features

Stay on the ball

Our content is regularly updated so you can access all the latest suggestions and obligations as per the current legislative framework.

Choose your Content

LexisNexis company compliance research covers overview and core obligations, divided into sub obligations, to assign different owners responsibilities to the differing aspects of a core obligation.

Streamline compliance management

Forms, Specimens, Schedules. All the tools you need to manage, monitor, and demonstrate your compliance.

Turn words into actions

Plain language and practical directions for crystal clear guidance on control actions.

Obligations you’ll understand

Experts explain your legal responsibilities in easy-to-apply business language.

Be prepared for everything

Receive alerts when regulatory changes approach.

Searching for more

WITH LexisNexis®
Regulatory Compliance

  • You get Easy-to-navigate topics, organised by operational business processes.
  • Access to important content that is updated regularly, so you can access obligations which reflect the current legislative framework.
  • You get 3 types of Alerts- FYI, Action Required and News.
  • Get significant savings in research time and cost.
  • Get deep subject matter expertise for their legal practice area.
  • One team responsible for reviewing content, ensuring that it is aligned to business processes and fit for purpose.

WITHOUT LexisNexis®
Regulatory Compliance

  • You spend more time, money and resources in staying up-to-date.
  • Miss out the opportunity of using content and technology that is used by top lawyers and law firms around the world.
  • Have to deal with multiple teams for reviewing and aligning the content as per business purposes.
  • Lack the corporate compliance expertise as per your legal practice areas.

Our teams at LexisNexis work round the clock and with the panel of select software partners to give you complete access of all latest content ans software used by top Law organizations around the world.

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