Lexis knowlEdge

Transform your reading experience with the ability to read the most acclaimed Law books, any time anywhere, on your preferred devices

Carry your legal library anywhere you go!

A reliable and intuitive cross-platform eBook reader providing convenient online/offline access to the most trusted LexisNexis Commentaries via desktop as well as mobile devices.

Its the ultimate tool for an uninterrupted reading experience, Lexis knowlEdge provides digital access to your trusted legal library, increasing agility and efficiency in the performance of your role.

Key Benefits

  • Advocate with confidence

    Respond to matters with clarity and conviction, anytime and anywhere. High-quality, trusted legal resources available at your fingertips

  • An agile legal library

    A ‘weightless’ legal library that carries the full weight of the law. Trusted legal resources accessible whenever needed.

  • Personalised referencing

    Effortless annotating and highlighting, plus an enhanced search experience

  • Different access options

    Access options to suit your budget. Buy outright, or subscribe to content as per your budget.


  • Real-time access to your most trusted eBooks
  • Real Print copy with pagination exactly as the printed book
  • Multi-platform availability via Desktop (PC/Mac), iOS, and Android mobile apps
  • Offline Access through our Apps for any time, anywhere access
  • Online Syncing of personalization such as sticky notes, bookmarks across devices
  • Enhanced search capability allows users search within an eBook or across your eBooks library.
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